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Welcome to Shanghai

Shanghai is the largest city in China with a history of more than 700 years and more than 20 million people. Shanghai was once the financial center in China. Since the reforms that began in the 1990s, great changes have taken place in the city. The municipal government is working towards building Shanghai into a modern metropolis and into a world economic, financial, trading and shipping center by 2020.

Charming and Graceful Shanghai

Nanpu BridgeShanghai is a metropolis with diversity and unique charm that you can hardly find in other cities, therefore, it’s always a hot destination for most tourists.

Shanghai is such a strange city that whoever you are and wherever you are from, you will be attracted at your first sight of it. If you come from a small village or town, Shanghai means quite a lot to you. Getting lost among high buildings and heavy traffic, you may want to leave your hometown ever since. If you come from cities like Beijing, Guangzhou, Hongkong and Taipei, you could taste the special landscape of Shanghai style. Perhaps you decide to settle down in Shanghai thence. If you are from abroad, you wil realize the ral aspect of the biggest city in China. Shanghai is not only a metropolis similar to the international style of New York, but also an elegance of the Orient. Maybe you want to find a Shanghainese as your future husband or wife, who knows?

Shanghai is the fashion center of China. People can’t resist her as if she was an enchanting young lady hanging about an odor of fashion. High-rises row upon row steal the limelight on both sides of the Huangpu River. Standing out among the skyscraper in Ljiazui, the Oriental Pearal Tower and Jinmao Tower lordly look down on al the living things in the blaze of the sun. Besides, huge vessels of full loads are seen sail in the billows, which add a characteristic touch of the city. The fashion landmarks as the Bund, the Huaihai Lu and Nanjing Xilu, where fashion elite are gathered, changed quietly everyday. A fashionable hairstyle today probably means out-of-fashion the other day.

The BundThe approach of night makes Shanghai more fascination than makes Shanghai more fascinating than daytime. Quite a number of lights are lit brightly along the Bund, while the dazzling huge billboards fully display their dignity, swaggering across the Huangpu River are the gorgeously decorated cruises. People roam at Huaihai Lu and Nanjing Lu, constant flow pouring in the bustle. The bars, cafes, KTVs and Discos begin to play the leading role after 10PM while the people living in the small town are fast asleep.

Shanghai is a place full of reminiscences. When you wander about the century-old Shikumen, the dwelling houses of the local people and the ancient garden-like western-style houses once belong to the rich and noted public figures only, or roam the old buildings at the Bund, you would find a kind of beauty, the beauty that lies in the dark wooden doors, the flourishing phoenix trees and the bright crystal lamps, the beauty that withstands the test of time.

Shanghai is a shopping paradise as well. Here you can find from the top brands in the world to the medium and low grades clothes catering to the local people. At Yuyuan Bazar, quite a number of renowned stores where goods with traditional Chinese characteristics are sold will definitely fill your eyes with sold will definitely fill your eyes with surprise.

 2010 Shanghai Expo SiteAs a palace of art of culture, Shanghai spares no pains in displaying it’s second face besides the booming economy. Sculptures were put here and there, beautifying the city Museums, art galleries and picture galleries where works of art of high standard showcase everyday, even the famous French impressionists choose here to release their new works. Converts, dramas, traditional Operas, ballets, sympony orchestras, music plays, all kind of performances compete with each other to grasp the audience’s eyeballs. Religion culture developed well in Shanghai as well in Shanghai as well. Devotional Christians pray in the solemn church at Hengshan Lu, while the traditional Chinese temples are popular among pilgrims like Temple of the Town Gods, Jing’an Temple and Longhua Ancient Temple.

Shanghai is the paradise for kids. In the fantastic Science Museum, the Nature Museum and the Insect Museum of Shanghai, things were put so interesting that kids can learn a lot from them. The roller coaster, bumper cars and carrousel in Jinjiang Amusement Park even can bring grown-ups back to their childhood. Besides, the sharks, turtles, penguins and belugas in Changfeng Undersea World can make the kids scream with surprise. On entering Shanghai wildlife Park, the mighty lions, tigers and leopards are seen standing near at hand, while the giant pandas clumsily climbing up and down and the hippos breathing heavily in the water. All of these make you feel very close to the nature.

2010 Shanghai Expo MascotThe scenery of Shanghai suburbs is expected as well. As other ancient towns along the south bank of the Yantze River, Zhujiajiao, dubbed “ the Orient Venice”, is far away from the bustling city where the simple bridge, flowing water, pink walls and black tiles constitute the most beautiful landscape painting. On sitting in a small boat, your heart will definitely be filled with peace and happiness when the picturesque views on both sides of the bank rushing into your eyes. You may wish that the time could be still at the moment. Besides, the fishing, riding and eating experiences in Chongming Island is so exiting and interesting that you’ll never forget. It would be pitiful if you have arrived but can’t se the sea in Shanghai. Yangshan Deepwater Port is open to public now, which gives you a chance to admire the picture of blue sky, green sea and white gulls. Besides, Jing-shan and Fengxian artificial beach as will delight you if you don’t want go that far.