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Aurora Pavilion

Aurora Pavilion
The 3,000-square-meter Aurora Pavilion is built by Taiwan-based Aurora Group and the pavilion will spotlight Chinese jade culture through its 8.000-year history.

Jade symbolizes the national character such as gentleness, perseverance and the pursuit of peace, and Shanghai World Expo will provide a platform to help promote such hopes.
The pavilion will feature rare exhibits such as a piece of 2.5-ton jade and Beijing Olympic medals made of fine jade from the Kunlun Mountains in Northwest China's Qinghai Province.

Chinese myths will be shown in the theatre inside the pavilion and about 30 rare jade relics from the Aurora Museum will also be exhibited.

Now the biggest challenge for the designers is to squeeze the soul of jade’s history spanning thousands of years into a short journey of 20 minutes.

Aurora is committed to the protection and collection of Chinese culture relics and the promotion of cross-Strait research.

Aurora Pavilion has also selected its mascot called "Danbao," a cute figure with big eyes. The pavilion is expected to receive two million visitors during the six-month Expo.