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Shanghai Special Local Food

三阳盛-Shanghai Sanyangsheng Limited Company of Special Local Food
The main store
Add: No. 1716, West Nanjing Rd.
Tel: 021-62489599
Shop Hours: 7AM-7PM
Transportation: Bus 830, 927, 45, 15, 94, 838
Subway Line 2 (Nanjing Xilu Station)

Branch 1
Add: No. 50, Wanhangdu Rd.(inside 900-century Food Town)
Shop Hours: 9AM-9AM
Transportation: Bus 113, 15, 927, 506, 40, 824

Branch 2
Add: No. 602, Central Yan’an Rd.
Tel: 021-62535767
Shop Hours: 7AM-7PM
Transportation: Bus 925, 925B, 48, 127, 01, 71
Shanghai Sanyangsheng Special Local Food Company originated in 1928. Which has China’s Time-honored Brands, deals exclusively in local specialties from all over the country. In the corporate spirit of honesty and efficiency, staff of Sanyangsheng has, with high-quality products and earnest service, achieved not only trust and acknowledgement among consumers, but also social and economic benefits.

Always characterized by local specialties from across the country, Sanyangsheng Company enjoys fame in Shanghai for Ningbo-Shaoxing dry fruit, local specialties and delicacies from land and sea. Products on sale include high-grade shark’s fin, trepang, abalone, scallop, fish maw, seafood, and nourishing dry fruit such as longan, walnuts, lotus nuts as well as red dates. There are also tailored dry-food bonsais. For the sake of high quality, the store attaches great importance to origins of the products, in order to create the famous brand and fine goods.
全国土特产-Shanghai Limited Company of Local Specialties from across the Country
Add: No. 485-501, Central Huaihai Rd., Shanghai.
Tel: 021-63853810
Shop Hours: 9AM-9PM
Transportation: Bus 926, 920, 911, Tour Bus1, 320, 945, 146, 26, 986, 933,
Subway Line 1 ( Huangpi NanLu Station)
Shanghai Limited Company of Local Specialties from across the Country was established in 1935, the original name is Peili local food. It is famous far and near for selling and processing specialty food with varied local flavors. The distinctive products supplied here have been received well by consumers both at home and abroad.

In 2006, Shanghai Store of Specialty Food from across the Country was reopened after brief renovation and layout adjustment. Situated on Central Huaihai Road (intersection of Yandang Road).