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Thriving in the late 19th century and early 20th century, Shikumen, a typical residence for the local people at that time, has become a synonym for Shanghai.

Built along narrow alleys, a typical Shikumen house features a stone-framed gate and a black wooden front door that leads into a small enclosed courtyard.

In many ways, it is indeed a gateway to the fascinating history of this largest coastal city of China.

History of Shikumen:
With more and more foreigners came to Shanghai to try their luck since 1848, how to accommodate them became a big problem. Shikumen houses were usually put one after another in row after row, which mixed well the west and the Chinese architectural thoughts. A tipital Shikumen house is usually built aong a narrow linong and features a stone gate. The black wooden front door leading into a small enclosed courtyard is called Tianjing, which is flanked by two wings. Upon entering the reception area, you will see stairs leading to the second floor and a garret facing north. The old Yuyangli built in 1918 and the new Yuyangli are representatives of such styles.

Very cozy, and basking in the sunshine, every Shikumen is like its own little world, a snail’s shell into which the Shanghainese retreat after a long day’s work. It can be the most romantic places despite their loud and worldly happiness.

Just around the corner, you can wander in a reverie of history down old streets where, through the cackles and the laughter of women and children, these cracked walls may whisper some of their secrets to you.

Collection of Shikumen
Urumuqili: 179 lane, Middle of Urumuqi Road, Built in 1937, has 178 buildings.
Ren’anli: 145 lane, Guling Road, Built in 1901, has 51 buildings.
Hengmaoli: 68 lane, North Xizang Road, Built in end of 19 century, has 94 buildings.
Jiangyuannong: 432 lane, Xincang Road, Built in 1899, has 43 buildings.
Fuxingfang: 553 lane, Middle Fuxing Road, Built in 1928, has 95 buildings.
Meilanfang: 596 lane, North Huangpi Road, Built in 1930, has 70 buildings.
Huaihaifang: 927 lane, Middle Huaihai Road, Built in 1924, has 199 buildings.
Yuyangli: 567 lane, Middle Huaihai Road, Built in 1912, has 33 buildings.
Zuojiazhai: 442 lane, West Huaihai Road.
Hengchangli: 1376 lane, Yuyuan Road, Built in 1925, has 25 buildings.
Fanyuan: 1220 lane, Huashan Road, Built in 1916, has 12 buildings.
Yongquanfang: 395 lane, Yuyuan Road, Built in 1936, has 16 buildings
Zhenghongli: 994 lane, Canghua Road.